About RTK

Rosamund de Tracy Kelly has over 30 years experience as a sculptor, with approaching 25 works listed in the National Portrait Gallery Register of Contemporary Artists.

For two years, she was assistant to Felix de Weldon, one of the USA's foremost sculptors, and famous for his US Marine Corps Memorial at the Arlington Cemetery.

Rosamund's works have been regularly exhibited both sides of the Atlantic, and she has mounted a series of "one man" exhibitions over the years.

Her portraits and figure sculptures in bronze and bronze resin include famous sitters in the United States and Europe.

In the United States, she created a bust of the former CEO of ALCOA in Pittsburgh and the Fischer Museum on the Hudson River in Manhattan, New York.

In the UK, her works include studies of Princess Diana, Thomas More and Twiggy. She is currently working on a portrait commission of H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh.

It has been said of her that her strength lies in the fact that she is extraordinarily sensitive to her sitter's character, as well as their physical likeness; she captures an internal strength within her figure and bust studies which breathe life and expression into her pieces.

Whilst most of her work is undertaken in live studies, she is also able to produce busts from good photographs, either as surprise gifts or as commemorative studies or memorials.

As an established artist, Rosamund is anxious to pass her skills and experience to "up and coming" sculptors and organises courses and workshops for this purpose.

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